This year we continue at a time of a very complicated global pandemic, so many will not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day as they have traditionally been doing. What do you think if we turn this situation around? These are moments to reinvent ourselves, to seek to be original, it will be a challenge for our creativity, to have a Valentine’s Day celebration, which does not go under the table.

The good news is that despite the regrets, we can always come up with good plans to surprise our partner, that will leave him speechless and here we tell you:

  1. Would you like to create a fantasy to fuel passion? If your answer is yes, how about doing a role play? With what you have at home and buying small accessories they can dress, for example, in the style of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Both must assume the character and behave like them, in a game of seduction, (here you can find some ideas of the outfit that they should use here), as well as you must prepare the living room of your house setting it as it should, candles, air fresheners and you cannot miss the background music, with a Spotify playlist with stimulating songs, so that you can devote attention to the most important thing that is your partner. Let yourself go and have fun! Here I leave you the link with the complete soundtrack of the music of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

If you didn’t like this idea, maybe this one could go more with your style:

2. Would you like an outdoor plan? They can go out on their bikes or walk around the city and have already planned the route to enjoy those places that both of them like the most in their town and choose a little corner where you and he (she) can be, alone, in a snack suuuuuper romantic. You can take flowers, candles, wine, tapas or what you know that your partner will sigh and tell you, that you are the best thing that could happen to him. You can buy a picnic basket or some kits to prepare your evening. Here I leave you a link where you can find curious and cute things that can help you make it luxurious.


This seems like a great plan to me. It’s simple, easy to do, and safe.

But if you think that he / she deserves something more, I have an unusual proposal for you, for people like you, who like to get out of the routine and love nature and the sea.

3. Can you imagine spending a weekend in a beautiful Rural House in Galicia with your love? Given the circumstances that we are all living in and trusting that in summer we will be able to enjoy going out, I think it is a super good plan to give your love a Gift Voucher so that they can spend a summer weekend together, in one of those Rural Houses in Galicia that They have so much magic and charm, that they seem taken from a story, where they can connect, enjoy and pamper themselves fully, that is, one of your gifts would be a note that would say: “You have a weekend reserved in summer, just to two. I love you.” In google you can get many lodging options with different types of service offers, but I particularly recommend “As Chivas Casa Rural & Restaurante”, a Rural House surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, with beautiful beaches just 30 minutes away, recently renovated (so the new spaces with beautiful views created so that you can enjoy the delicious weather of Galicia in summer will be released), an exquisite restaurant where you can eat and have a few drinks by candlelight, in a romantic and warm place.

Here is the link for you to organize everything  www.aschivas.com

You will always find ways to surprise your partner, being attentive to their tastes and planning original activities, like these three ideas, with which I am sure they will love you and will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for both of you.